Summer Programs

For 39 years Estrella Family Services has been actively engaging children at all of our sites in various events and activities during the summer.  In this 10-week summer enrichment program children are going to learn about different cultures, customs and skills that will expand their knowledge beyond the classroom environment.  Children actively participating in many indoor and outdoor activities that promote social interaction creating lasting friendships.  There are amazing field trips to places like the Oakland Zoo and the San Jose Tech Museum and science experiments like cooking activities and making volcano's.  Children also learn more about their own cultural background as well as backgrounds of other cultures that will create appreciation of differences and similarities in themselves and others.

Open from 7am-6pm for working families, or for "week-long" camp experiences.  Each week is assigned a theme (eg Hawaiian Week, Silly Carnival Week, Olympic Week) and activities and trips are theme based.

For more information on the Summer Enrichment Program Click Here or call (408) 269-7827

To enroll in the Summer Program please contact Jessi Felix at (408) 269-7827 ext. 12 or e-mail her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it








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